Join The Ketone Zone Sampling Program!
Giving Away FREE Samples Of Ketone Zone Is As Simple As 1, 2, 3.
Let Us Do The Work For You!
HERE's how the program works

Register & Prepay For 10 Samples

- Click the orange button and fill out the contact information.

- Enter your credit card/debit card that you would like to use to pay for the samples you give away.  Note:  your card will be initially charged $40.  This gives you 10 samples you can give away to people at no cost to them.  Each sample will be mailed to the recipient on your behalf. You'll automatically be charged $40 when you are down to 2 samples left and you'll receive another 10 sample credits so you don't run out.  You can of course quit at any time.

- Your Vollara distributor number will be used as the FREE SAMPLE CODE that you'll give to people you want to give a sample to. If you don't know your Vollara Distributor number, call 1-800-989-2299.

Start Giving Away Samples

- Giving away samples is easy. Simply text or email the URL,, to any person you want to give a sample to and give them your FREE SAMPLE CODE. (your Vollara Distributor Number)

- This ensures the person getting the sample is assigned to you.

There's A Fortune In the Follow-Up

- You'll receive an email that the recipient’s Ketone Sample is on the way including all their contact information so you can easily follow-up.  (Remember, the fortune is in the follow-up)

- Additionally, your sample recipient will automatically receive 4 or more emails relating to the benefits of Ketone Zone.  Each email in the p.s. wil invite them to reach out to you via email or phone to get on Subscribe and Save to ensure they are able to be one of the first to receive the Ketone Zone product and don’t miss out on future orders.

Frequently Asked Questions
Other Questions? Contact Us at 800-378-6005
How Much Am I Paying Per Sample?
$3.95 plus 5 cents merchant account fee.
What If Someone Uses My FREE Sample (Distributor) Code, But I'm Not Registered, Yet?
If we can't identify the account established for you (i.e. no code on file or wrong code), has no account to assign the lead to and no way to pay for the sample shipment. In this case, the prospect (sample recipient) is assigned to someone that earns a lead in their fast start period. We know you want to keep your prospects for your own business! So, If you wish to use the system, please MAKE SURE YOU REGISTER BELOW AND CLICK THE ORANGE BUTTON and set up an account.  We look forward to sending lots of samples to prospect for you!
What Happens When I Run Out Of Prepaid Samples To Give Away?
Once you are down to 2 samples left. Your card will be re-charged for $40 giving you 10 more samples.
How Do I Withdraw From The Program?
Simply call MAC services at 1-800-378-6005 and cancel at anytime. You can give away any remaining samples.
Register & Prepay For Samples Now!
Step #1: Contact Information
Full Name:
Email Address:
Phone Number:
Your Vollara Distributor Number (THIS WILL BE YOUR FREE SAMPLE CODE)
Step #2: Billing Address
Street Address:
State / Province:
Zip Code / Postal Code:
Step #3: Check out
$40 / 10 KetoneZone Sample Credits
Credit Card Number:
CVC Code:
Expiry Month:
Expiry Year:
Dynamically Updated

Secure Payment

All orders are through a very secure network. Your credit card information is never stored in any way. We respect your privacy.
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